Export & Sales

Import & Sales

We aim to stand out by providing organizations with export, import, and sales services through our professional and bilingual workforce.

Export & Sales

We at Sama Co. Ltd. offer assistance with export to businesses wishing to grow internationally.

Exports are crucial to modern economies because they give people and companies access to a wide range of new markets for their products.

We provide assistance with export and sales for the following services:

  • Automobile(All types of well maintained used cars, trucks, buses, etc.).
  • Japanese Car Parts(New and Used).
  • Construction-related Machines, Robots, and Boat Engines.
  • Sake (Japanese rice wine).
  • Food additives.
  • Plastic Recycle(Mold, Regrind)- PP, PE, PC, PS, PPS, PSP, SPS, OPS, PVC, PBT, PVB, LCP, EPS, PET, PET Perform, PER roll, POM,PMMA, HIPS, ABS, ABS/ASA, PC/ABS, etc Plastic.

Import and Sales

Sama Co. Ltd. is proficient in import and sales; we are here to assist you throughout the import process.

A good or service that is imported is one that was purchased in one country but produced in another. Imports and exports make up international trade.

We provide Import and Sales assistance for the following services:

  • Ethnic general foods
  • Indian/Asian foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Dried foods
  • High-end gourmet foods
  • Foods for processing use
  • Original foods
  • Organic processed foods
  • Dry fruits
  • Juice drinks, etc.

Why Import?

Japan's main imports include mineral fuels, machinery, and food. In 2015, the leading suppliers of these goods were China (25.6 percent), the United States (10.9 percent), and Australia (5.6 percent).

When we explain the import process for food and beverages below important points arise:

  1. What is the Japanese legislative framework regulating food importations?
  2. Do Japan's food import regulations impose an import license?
  3. What are the key steps to importing food to Japan?
  4. Prior consultation with the relevant quarantine station?
  5. What is the purpose of the inspection?
  6. How does the inspection take place?
  7. Which customs duties are imported food and drink subjected to?
  8. What are the labeling regulations applicable to food imports to Japan?

Until the client's items are finally delivered from across the world to Japan or the other way around, we handle all inquiries and provide customer assistance.

Our Services

Sama Co., Ltd. was established with three distinct areas of expertise.

TRADING(Export, Import)

We provide export and import trading for automobiles through our experienced bilingual teams.[Sama Co., Ltd. Used/Secondhand Vehicle Dealer License (Chiba Prefecture Public Safety Commission License) No. 44107000317] Japanese Automobile Components (New and Used), Construction-related Machinery, Robots, and Boat Engines (all sorts of well-maintained secondhand vehicles, trucks, buses, etc.), Ethnic foods, Indian/Asian foods, frozen foods, dried foods, and so forth.

IT Solutions and Services

Every day, technical advances make their way into the commercial world. Firms can no longer continue to conduct their business offline or focus solely on discrete corporate strategy. Businesses that wish to grow must now update their IT strategy and customized software solutions, which is where our IT Solutions come in. We understand that you expect high-quality help throughout both the pre-sales and post-sales periods, which our skilled, bilingual engineers can supply.

Printer Solutions (PRINTRONIX)

We are an authorized distributor of PRINTRONIX printers and offer printer solutions for contemporary organizations through our top-tier printer segments of PRINTRONIX Line Matrix Printers, Serial Dot Matrix Printers, and LED Printers. We also sell and service PRINTRONIX printers, as well as other components, consumables, and equipment. With great reliability and performance, our industrial printers are the finest in class and can boost the efficiency of your workplace. Contact us now for purchase/service queries

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We have team members that are bilingual and have at least ten years of expertise.
For us, dedication to deadlines and quality control are paramount.